2.What YSD Could Do for You


       Together with our "Star" clients, through great efforts by our "Star" staffs and firmly supported by own factory, YSD is keeping growing fast in past a few years on basis of excellent, stable products quality and excellent service which high praised by our clients.

      Market and cooperation areas not only covering Middle East, East-south Asia, Africa, North America, but also counties like Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, UAE,Turkey, Canada etc.

       Warmly welcome all "star" clients all round the world to visiting our factory, and discussing long term business cooperation with us.

a.Always prioritize quality and service, never compromise. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

b.Our product is designed for full support and easy handling, ensuring a seamless user experience.

c.To make the most of your experience, stay curious, open-minded, and engaged. Be willing to try new things, step out of your comfort zone, and embrace challenges. Take the time to reflect, learn, and grow from each experience. Enjoy the journey and savor every moment.

d.Save time and energy with our efficient solutions. Get things done quickly and effortlessly with our services. Enjoy more free time and peace of mind knowing your tasks are taken care of efficiently.

4.Our advantages:

A: We are experienced and professional, we would like contribute more work and time than others do. Just for you,our "Star" clients!

B. Effective and Organized Factory: not like trading company, which save our "Star Client" plenty of time, energy and cost;

C. Quality Guarantee: we have been in gift wrapping package & Poker Game Playing Cards paperboard industry for over 10 years, which accumulated abundant products experience. Further more, we also have professional persons and engineers in charge of quality control in every process during production.

D. Meet our customer to fully satisfaction is our utmost goal: our "Star" clients will be offered high value assistance between pre-sale, in- sale and after-sale service.

Together with YSD, be our STAR in your printing & package industry,contact us for better future!


 Timeline with YSD

Every great achievement starts with an idea. It is the spark that ignites the journey towards success and innovation. Nurture your ideas, believe in them, and take action to turn them into reality.

May 2012

First Milestone

June 2014

Second Milestone

July 2020

Third Milestone

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